Production and sale of straws

Alpiplast is a company that specialises in the production and sale of drinking straws for the food industry and the gastronomy sector. Use of the latest technology, attention to clients’ needs, development of innovative and functional products: these are the strong points that for almost 50 years have defined Alpiplast, now considered one of the most active and brilliant companies in its sector. Alpiplast designs, manufactures and distributes plastic drinking straws for multiple purposes and sectors: from milk to soft drinks, from cocktail bars to fast food restaurants. Alpiplast offers a range of different designs: U-drinking straws,pointed drinking straws, wrapped drinking straws, drinking straws for drink cartons and biodegradable drinking straws.

Products for companies


Drinking straws for drink cartons

Plastic drinking straws for tetra pak cartons and other materials: these products are widely used in the food industry, by soft drink, milk and fruit juice producers, as well as in other similar sectors. Available in different sizes, colours and lengths, according to the customer's needs.


U-shaped drinking straws

Known as U-drinking straws , for their characteristic bendable and rounded shape, they are widely used in the food industry and by soft drink, milk and fruit juice producers.
They are considered a key product, thanks to their innovative and functional design.


Pointed drinking straws

The plastic drinking straws ending with a point, normally used to perforate hard plastic or tetra pak packaging: a strong, practical and functional product, that allows food companies to distribute single-portion cartons and packets all around the world.

Products for gastronomy


Straight drinking straws

Straight plastic drinking straws of medium and large dimensions, available in a wide selection of colours, including white, red, black and blue. These products are widely used in the gastronomy sector: in cocktail bars, night clubs, restaurants and fast food chains.


Flexible drinking straws

Made of soft plastic, with an elegant and refined design, flexible drinking straws are used especially in gastronomy sectors. Options include products of different sizes and lengths, available in multiple colours, particularly versatile and practical to use.


Biodegradable drinking straws

A top-quality product developed after years of research, that combines aesthetics, functionality and care for the environment: nowadays, biodegradable drinking straws , are in great demand as they are used by exclusive restaurants, fast-food chains and companies operating in the gastronomy sector.

Personalised straws with company logo or website address Place your advert right in front of your customer’s eyes: print your message where your customers cannot possibly miss it! Whether it is your website address, your company logo or the name of your product, we print your advertising message on straws and place it right in your new customer’s hands!

Advertise your car brand or your new drink in an innovative way. Make a name for yourself at trade fairs.

Contact us, we can’t wait to receive your request and we will be more than happy to advise you on all there is to know about straws.

Our history

Alpiplast makes strong and aesthetically pleasing products, whose shape and size can be customised: a wide range of plastic drinking straws, including biodegradable drinking straws, to serve drinks, fruit juices and other beverages.

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