cannucce biodegradabili

White drinking straws made of bamboo powder: alternative, biodegradable and ecological

In the past years more and more materials have been sourced, which are less harmful for the environment. There are a lot of existing plastic alternatives – and with this now also bamboo. The granulate comes directly from the plant, the bamboo cane, and is ground to bamboo powder. The hygienic standards are perfectly given. The alternatives can exceed the limits.

Advantages and functionality of drinking straws made of bamboo powder

Drinking straws made of bamboo powder guarantee ecological aspects based on vegan plants. They respect the HACCP standards. They are also suitable for public locals. From the bar to the big restaurant and hotel, a lot are choosing this option which is perfectly distinguishing itself from similar products.

Biodegradable drinking straws: technical advantages

We will show below some advantages of drinkings straws made of bamboo powder against other biodegradable ones – our team is available for more comparisons:

  • Granulate made of bamboo powder
  • PLA free material, no additives
  • Heat resistant until 100°C
  • Compost-industrial certified
  • Color: white
  • Haptics similar to paper straw
  • Drinking feeling similar to plastic straw

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