Alpiplast specialises in the production and sale of plastic drinking straws for the food industry, milk and soft drinks producers and thegastronomy sector. Its products are available in different sizes, lengths and colours, to better meet the specific needs of each client. Clients may choose between drinking straws for drink cartons, U-drinking straws and pointed drinking straws, with the option of customising both aesthetic and technical details. In fact, Alpiplast staff is available to create custom-made products and carry out innovative projects and can offer functional solutions to match all kinds of requests: thanks to decades of experience, the company is considered a reference point in the plastic manufacturing industry. Its high-quality products have allowed Alpiplast to collaborate with some amongst the most important Italian and international industries, as well as with fast food chains renowned all over the world.

Drinking straws for drink cartons

Alpiplast produces drinking straws for drink cartons made of strong plastic, highly practical and functional in every detail. These products are commonly used in the foods sector, to distribute soft drinks, fruit juices, milk and other beverages. Drinking straws for drink cartons are designed to offer maximum practicality and excellent versatility and their materials, sizes and aesthetics are totally customisable. Customers can choose among a wide range of colours and characteristics, based on the needs of their companies. Alpiplast staff offers customer support and advice during the choosing and purchasing stages: to request further information, we suggest you contact Alpiplast’s specialised staff.

U-drinking straws

Alpiplast produces U-shaped drinking straws, also known as U-drinking straws, for the food industry and soft drinks, fruit juice and milk producers, as well as other companies in the gastronomy sector. Thanks to their unique design, U-drinking straws are extremely functional for the distribution of single packages and very resistant and suitable to perforate rigid materials. The company offers a vast range of products whose sizes and appearance can be completely customised: length, diameter, colour (blue, white, black, red, etc.). To receive further information on products, we suggest contacting Alpiplast: its specialised staff supports customers during the selection stages, to make sure their orders match their needs.

Pointed drinking straws

Alpiplast designs, manufactures and distributes pointed drinking straws for industrial use, a next generation product, dedicated to producers of soft drinks,fruit juices, milk and other beverages. Thanks to their design, pointed drinking straws can perforate cartons, tetra pak and rigid packages, making them particularly suitable for the distribution of foods. Aesthetics and details of all products can be customised: materials, dimensions, diameter and colour. Nowadays, pointed drinking straws are also used by important food industry companies in Italy, Europe and across the world. Additionally, Alpiplast’s staff is always available to create new collections, customised to the customer’s needs: for further information, you may contact Alpiplast’s specialised personnel.

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