Thermal drinking straws, the elegant and resistant choice

Hygiene regulations are an actual topic all over, the requests for thermal drinking straws, which are used to avoid drinking directly from disposable cups or coffee pots, are rising. The gastronomy sector is pleased to satisfy all requests from different clients.
Alpiplast produces thermal drinking straws, which are heat resistant until 95°C. With this being said these straws offer different possibilities in the food sector.
They are coming in a modern design, are elegant and have a high stability and duration.
Generally biodegradable thermal drinking straws from Alpiplast have the following properties:

  • material: bioplastic and compostable material from renewable raw material and minerals, 60% bio-based and completely biodegradable;
  • properties: heat resistant until 95°C;
  • certificate raw material: compost-industrial;
  • colors: white.

Biodegradable thermal drinking straws BioThermo: innovative material

Drinking straws BioThermo are made of bioplastic, certified material. These type of bioplastic consists of renewable natural raw materials, which are rich on minerals.
The recyclable raw material for drinking straws Biotherm meets the requirements of the EU-standard DIN EN 13432 and of the American standard ASTM D6400 regarding biodegradable biopolymers.

Personalized drinking straws

Thermal drinking straws are mainly produced for the gastronomy sector, for big restaurants and fast-food-chains, for bars, pubs, discotheques and public events – everywhere where you are serving drinks to customers.
Based on your request the team from Alpiplast can produce drinking straws personalized, in regards of design, color, dimension and packaging unit.

Alpiplast: over 50 years of experience

Alpiplast is now over 50 years in this sector: production and processing of drinking straws. The company scores with technology and innovative functional products. The drinking straws satisfy the requirements of many different clients and special requests. The sales team is always available to give support, in finding individual solutions and the right type of drinking straw for every company and client. For more detailed information please contact us directly.