Alpiplast has developed a practical and innovative product, used by some of the most renowned Italian and international soft drink brands: pointed drinking straws made of strong plastic and characterised by a pointed end, which allows to easily perforate even the most resistant materials, such as plastic or tetra pak containers.

Pointed drinking straws are particularly suitable to distribute individual drink packages, containers and cartons: they are used by producers of fruit juices, soft drinks, iced tea and coffee drinks and milk beverages.

Developed after years of research, the drinking straws are free from any materials that may harm human health or the environment and, therefore, can safely be used also by children: in fact, Alpiplast is committed to technology innovation and over the years has developed new plastic materials increasingly more performing.

The pointed drinking straws distributed by Alpiplast in Italy and abroad, are available in different colours and sizes and are customisable in every technical and aesthetic detail, in order to meet each client’s individual requirements.

White and transparent, coloured or stripy, today, U-drinking straws are Alpiplast’s signature product, and can be sold either loose (160 bags with 250 pieces each, or 250 bags with 100 pieces each) or individually wrapped (22 bags with 1000 pieces each), depending on the customer’s requirements.

Pointed drinking straws, just as U-drinking straws and drinking straws for drink cartons, are mainly used in the food industry: to receive more information on products, orders and prices, we suggest booking an appointment with Alpiplast’s staff who will assist you and provide you with a free quote.

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