Drinking straws for drink cartons

Alpiplast produces and sells drinking straws for drink cartons and tetra pak containers, mainly used in the food industry: over the years, the company has collaborated with some of the most renowned Italian and international brands, milk and soft drink producers and restaurant chains.

Drinking straws for drink cartons are made of strong plastic, a next generation material free from any components that may harm human health or the environment: thanks to its commitment to innovation, the company has developed original products, which today it uses for individually packed products, cartons and containers.
Alpiplast offers a wide range of products, whose appearance and size can be largely customised: drinking straws for drink cartons are available in many different colours (transparent, white, with white stripes, etc.) and sizes, to accommodate every client’s needs, and can be individually wrapped.

These products can be ordered in packages of 65,000, 75,000, 80,000 and 90,000 pieces.
Drinking straws for drink cartons are a practical solution to distribute and pack milk, fruit juices, iced tea and other non-alcoholic beverages: thanks to the use of rigid plastic, they can easily perforate drink cartons. Additionally, clients may request customised and new original projects, after agreeing the technical and design details with Alpiplast’s specialised staff: to receive more information on products, orders and prices, we suggest booking an appointment with Alpiplast’s staff, to receive assistance and a free quote.
Other products for the Italian and international food industry include: U-drinking straws and pointed drinking straws, also available in small, medium and large packages, and customisable to the customer’s needs.

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