Items for drinks sector and biodegradable drinking straws for take away

Based on the long experience, Alpiplast is always sourcing for the best solution in the HoReCa sector. Also inquiries from bars and restaurants for take away are considered now. From biodegradable drinking straws to cups and additional items, we realize efficient and personalized solutions. Please contact us for any queries.

Biodegradable drinking straws and cups: the catalog from the company

Restaurants, fast-food-chains and everybody else who is interested in offering take away service, has a need of cups and lids, and even more if these are not impacting our environment. Our offer for different types for take away contains drinking straws, cups and biodegradable lids for them. If you have a look on our online catalog, you can see all different items we offer. We are always available for free consultation.

From drinking straws to biodegradable cup holders, all personlized

In addition to the practical advantages, and the certificates given, the product needs to stand out from the competitors, the best idea is a personlized logo or label. The products for restaurants and bars are customizable in dimension and color. The different possibilities don’t miss out small details and a broad spectrum of different types are awaiting you.

More information for biodegradable drinking straws and all other products by contacting us.