Founded in 1971, Alpiplast specialised in the production of PVC drinking straws. Immediate success soon allowed the company to start an expansion process destined to continue to this day. Its production increased gradually, while the choice of materials shifted, bit by bit, towards new, more functional and sustainable materials. In the 1980s, Alpiplast produced individually wrapped drinking straws and, shortly after, it started a partnership with one of the most renowned soft drink brands in the world.

In the 2000s, the company proudly offered a wide range of top-quality products: U-drinking straws, flexible drinking straws, straight drinking straws, and started a profitable collaboration with one of the most popular international fast food chains. Today, Alpiplast is a solid, well established company, with highly qualified staff and state of the art production plants and equipment: a reference in the plastic manufacturing and straw production industry, both on a national and international level.

Cannuccia biodegradabile


Alpiplast top-quality products are renowned in Italy, Europe and around the world: its plastic drinking straws are used by some of the most famous international restaurants and fast food chains, prestigious companies, soft drink, milk and food producers, as well as cocktail bars. Alpiplast operates in Italy and abroad, where its products are greatly appreciated for their functionality, versatility, elegant design and for the great customisability of their every detail. The company mainly caters for two categories of clients: food industries, producers of milk and soft drinks, and gastronomy sectors, restaurant chains, bars and public places. Alpiplast’s staff is prepared to meet all customers’ requests, developing innovative products based on specific needs: a plus factor which has allowed the company to venture, with considerable success, in the European, Asian and American markets, and more.


Customer satisfaction is one of Alpiplast’s main priorities: thanks to its highly qualified technical staff, a state of the art production plant and decades of experience in plastic manufacturing, the company can meet every request with impeccable results and maximum satisfaction for the customer. Thanks to its commitment and the quality of its products, in 2001, Alpiplast obtained the all-important ISO 9001 certification, also thanks to its HACCP-based food safety management system.The company has the best equipment and a large, prestigious production plant that allows for the production of approximately 1,000 km of plastic drinking straws per day. The shape, length and appearance of all Alpiplast products can be customised: in fact, customers can request specific colours and characteristics (for example, U-drinking straws, pointed drinking straws, etc.), based on their company’s needs. Additionally, Alpiplast produces biodegradable drinking straws and uses materials free from harmful substances, contributing to protecting the environment.

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