Paper drinking straws for Tetrapark and Brick, environmentally friendly and functional solutions

Since years we are proposing new materials for biodegradable drinking straws. The main attention goes to the environment, either on supplier’s site or on consumers. You can experience drinking straws in a complete new way. We offer flexible drinking straws with lace, which is suitable for packed drinks in Tetrapack or Brick from biodegredadable plastic boxes. Please see characteristics below.

Biodegradable drinking straws and the attention to the environment

As already being said, also consumers are looking more and more after environmentally friendly products. Packaging in general plays a big rule during the choice of the product. Environmentally friendly packaging is a big point to prefer a product against their competitors. Also the law in regards of single use plastic ban is getting harder. This is why the paper drinking straw is becoming more important in the manufacturing of drinking straws.

Paper drinking straws: robust and resistant against dissolving

Thanks to continuous research and development we are able to count on products with high quality standards and good performance. Our paper drinking straws are robust – that means, they are not bending during opening the drink packaging. Also if they are coming in contact with the drink they are not dissolving and guarantee perfect taste to the consumer. For more details about quality of our drinking straws contact our team.

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