Biodegradable drinking straws for Gastronomy

Alpiplast has developed a particularly innovative line of products, a real novelty in the straw sale sector: biodegradable drinking straws, created after years of research, are free from substances that harm human health or the environment, and are the perfect solution for companies that operate in the gastronomy sector, for large restaurant and fast food chains, bars and public establishments.

Today, biodegradable drinking straws are widely used by renowned Italian and international brands, mainly to serve soft drinks and other beverages, such as fruit juices, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, cold drinks and smoothies.

Currently, among all Alpiplast products, biodegradable drinking straws represent the most successful product: a sustainable solution with a fine, practical and aesthetically pleasing design.

These products are available in many different matt colours and can be individually wrapped or loose, in packages containing 100 bags with 500 pieces each, or 30 bags with 200 pieces each, depending on the customer’s needs. Additionally, customers may ask for personalised drinking straws, with specific sizes and colours that can be agreed with Alpiplast’s staff: in fact, specialised staff offers support and advice to choose and order products and helps customers make the best selection for their needs.

The company also produces drinking straws for the food industry (drinking straws fordrink cartons,U-shaped drinking straws and pointed drinking straws), as well as straight drinking straws and flexible drinking strawsfor thegastronomy sector: today, these are considered high-quality products, because they are strong and versatile, made with great attention to detail and offer a great quality/price ratio. Alpiplast staff is available for further information on technical characteristics, prices and orders: customers will have the support of qualified professionals and will receive a free quote.

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