Drinking straws made of coffee granules: the ecofriendly choice

A constant research from Alpiplast in the biodegradable sector and experience for many years, known from different experiments with new and innovative materials, lead to the development of drinking straws made of coffee granules. These are high functional products, which already betray their uniqueness on their haptics, and let us know that they can only be biodegradable. They complete the taste of a cocktails, alcoholic or none, as well as the one of a simple coffee-to-go.


Biodegradable and compostable drinking straws

Drinking straws made of coffee granules are PLA-free, 100% biodegradable and can be disposed in a regular home-compost bin. Choose these drinking straws, to help the environment and characterize your company with an ecological choice.
Drinking straws BioCaf from Alpiplast are characterized as follows:

  • material: lignin, cellulose and coffee granules (wood fibers and cellulose are coming from Europe’s controlled reforestation);
  • free from PLA;
  • properties: heat resistant until 70°C;
  • certificate raw material: compost-industrial;
  • colors: beige (lattemacchiato).

The team of Alpiplast offers assistance and support from initial phase and choice, to project phase and furthermore, until complete delivery of the drinking straws.

Alpiplast: innovation and research

Drinking straws made of coffee granules are innovative products and can be ordered personalized, from dimensions to packaging, from design to type. Suitable for every kind of service, from restaurant to catering and public events.
For more detailled information regarding properties of drinking straws, costs and functionality, please contact Alpiplast directly.

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