Alpiplast is renowned in Italy and internationally for the production and sale of plastic drinking straws, designed for the large food industries (e.g. brands of soft drinks, fruit juice, milk beverages, etc.) and for the gastronomy, bars and restaurants sectors. The products developed by the company are well-known for their functionality, innovative and elegant design, attention to detail and for being free from any materials that may harm human health or the environment. Thanks to its decades of experience, Alpiplast is able to develop fully customisable products in terms of size, colour and look, to meet the specific requirements of each individual client: over the years, the company has collaborated with some of the most renowned fast food chains in the world. Alpiplast staff is always available to offer support and technical assistance and manage, with dedication and professionalism, each individual order: to receive further information, you may contact Alpiplast’s specialised staff and ask for a free quote.

Straws with printed logo

Cannucce personalizzate

Personalised straws with company logo or website address Place your advert right in front of your customer’s eyes: print your message where your customers cannot possibly miss it! Whether it is your website address, your company logo or the name of your product, we print your advertising message on straws and place it right in your new customer’s hands!

Advertise your car brand or your new drink in an innovative way. Make a name for yourself at trade fairs.

Contact us, we can’t wait to receive your request and we will be more than happy to advise you on all there is to know about straws.

Straight drinking straws

Alpiplast produces straight drinking straws made of plastic and available in a vast range of sizes and colours: these products are mainly used in the gastronomy sector, public places, restaurants and fast food chains, cocktail bars and similar establishments. Additionally, the size and appearance of straight drinking straws can be customised to meet each customer’s specific needs: Alpiplast highly qualified staff is available to create customised products based on specific details agreed with the customer. Straight drinking straws are used to serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, fruit juices, smoothies and other beverages, they boast an elegant and refined design and are free of materials that may harm human health or the environment.


Flexible drinking straws


Alpiplast produces flexible drinking straws for the gastronomy sector, made of plastic materials that do not harm human health or the environment: these products are suitable to serve all kinds of drinks, such as fruit juices, soft drinks, iced tea, smoothies and milk beverages.

Alpiplast flexible drinking straws are now used in many different sectors: fast food chains, public places, restaurants, food distribution chains, bars and points of sale in the food sector. They are available in many different colours (white, black, red, blue, etc.) and sizes and can be sold in individual paper wraps, or loose. Additionally, flexible drinking straws can be customised in every aesthetic detail: Alpiplast staff is always available to take on new original projects.

Biodegradable drinking straws

Alpiplast has developed a range of biodegradable drinking straws, created with materials that do not harm human health and the environment. A very sought-after product, requested by some of the most renowned gastronomy and restaurant chains: they are used to serve drinks and liquid beverages, such as milk, non-alcoholic drinks, fruit juices, iced tea and smoothies. Biodegradable drinking straws are available in different sizes and a vast choice of colours, including black, white, red, blue and many more. Products can be personalised based on the customer’s needs, agreeing aesthetic details with Alpiplast staff, always happy to satisfy any specific request. Drinking straws are available wrapped in individual packages and loose: for information about orders and prices, customers may contact Alpiplast staff and ask for a free quote.


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