Biodegradable drinking straws for Brick and Tetrapack – straight and U-shaped

Alpiplast produces biodegradable drinking straws for Brick and U-shaped. These are perfectly suitable to drink from single confections, they have a compost-industrial and compost-home-certificate.
This type of drinking straw is the fruit of a long research and allows the single companies, to order them personalized. With this being said the drinking packages obtain a special value – last but not least from an ecological point of view.
Alpiplast is trying hard to produce drinking straws with high functionality and nice design for Tetrapack.

Biodegradable drinking straws from Alpiplast

Biodegradable drinking straws for Brick and “U-shaped” from Alpiplast fulfill different requirements in the market: more and more companies choose ecological drinking straws and decide to avoid plastic products. Drinking straws are available in different dimensions, colors and shapes, they can be packed in personalized packaging units. Alpiplast offers the opportunity, to order personalized drinking straws, dimension and color can be chosen individually –this straw can create a unique design with the packaging unit.

Alpiplast: innovation and respect for the environment

A specialized team offers assistance and support during all phases: from consultation during project planning in the initial phase, until final delivery of the products. High technology, mindfulness towards customer requirements, and development of innovative and
functional products: these are the properties, which since now 50 years crystallize the work of Alpiplast.
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