Drinking straws BioLig: innovative and biological

The alternatives to plastic are in constant growth, as within the year 2021 all single use products for food sector made out of plastics are banned in Europe. This is why our focus is based on research of biodegradable and sustainable alternatives: the new drinking straws BioLig produced from Alpiplast are one of the answers to the numerous requests for ecological drinking straws and are fruit from a constant research.


Properties of drinking straws BioLig

Drinking straws BioLig are manufactured from lignin, a material, which is also a by-product from paper manufactory. It is deriving from wood, biological and completely free from PLA, moreover the raw material is compost-home-certified (record, which allows composting at low temperatures, contrary to industrial composting). The consequence is a composting also in a regular biological household-waste.)
The bio-polymer, used for production of this type of drinking straw, combines thermoplastic material and natural wood. It is composed of lignin and cellulose: lignin is a byproduct from the papermaking industry, cellulose is composed of wood fibers, which are coming from Finland’s controlled reforestation of beech and fir, the fiber is linen, hemp and other natural fibers.
Thanks to this innovation and the usage of lignin BioLig drinking straws from Alpiplast help to reduce waste and give us a perfect alternative to single-use plastic products.
The properties are:

  •  material: lignin and cellulose (wood fiber and cellulose comes from waste of Finnish controlled reforestation);
  • free from PLA
  • properties: heat resistant until 70°C;
  • certificate raw material: compost-home;
  • colors: champagne-white, anthracite-black.

Alpiplast – innovative and biological products

BioLig drinking straws are ideal to serve every kind of cocktail or drink, and in any case they upgrade its flavor. They can be ordered in different sizes and diameters, the available colors are champagne-white and anthracite-black.
If you need more detailed information regarding these innovative products, please contact Alpiplast directly.