Straight drinking straws

Alpiplast produces straight drinking straws in a wide variety of colours, designed for the Italian and international gastronomy sectors and restaurant chains: these products are made of high-quality plastic material developed over the years, free from materials harmful to human health or the environment. Straight drinking straws are used to serve many different types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks: cocktails and smoothies, fruit juices and milk drinks, coffee and iced tea. They are available in multiple combinations of colours and sizes, to meet all customers’ specific requirements: white, black or coloured, all featuring an elegant and refined style and impeccable attention to detail, which makes them practical and functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Alpiplast straight drinking straws are widely used by restaurants, public establishments, cocktail bars, fast food chains, points of sale and large distribution chains in the food industry, and are currently used by important Italian, European and international companies.

Alpiplast offers single, wrapped drinking straws and loose drinking straws, available in packages of many different sizes: 250 bags with 100 pieces each, 10 bags with 1000 pieces each, 100 bags with 50 pieces each, depending on the needs of the customer’s company. Additionally, orders can be customised, requesting straight drinking straws in colours and sizes agreed with Alpiplast staff: transparent, neon colours, etc.. Alpiplast is available to offer support and advice: specialised personnel provide free advice during the product selection stage, helping customers to choose the type of drinking straws that meet their needs and the best order method. To receive more information about prices, technical characteristics and a free quote, we suggest contacting Alpiplast’s staff.

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