Alpiplast, since 2001, produces and sells U-drinking straws for the food industry: a product with an excellent reputation, used by important soft drink brands, distribution chains, international milk and beverage producers. U-shaped drinking straws, also known as U-drinking straws, owe their name to their shape, which makes them flexible and versatile and, therefore, suitable for many different purposes: in fact, U-drinking straws are used to sell individual soft drinks, fruit juices, iced tea, milk and other beverages.

The innovative design makes them extremely practical, attention to detail guarantees a fine and elegant product that increases the brand’s prestige: over the years, in fact, Alpiplast has developed an increasingly innovative line, which can be customised in terms of both dimensions and appearance.

Alpiplast U-drinking straws are available in different sizes and colours: completely transparent, white or coloured, with white or coloured stripes, and clients can also request additional customised versions, based on their brand’s specific needs. Alpiplast accepts orders of 30,000 and 35,000 pieces, individually wrapped or loose. Alpiplast manufactures top-quality products and today its plastic drinking straws are used by industries renowned all around the world and offer an excellent quality/price ratio.Customers can count on the support of Alpiplast’s specialised staff during the decision-making stages: to receive further information on prices, orders, and product characteristics, we suggest contacting Alpiplast staff now.
Other products for the food industry include:  drinking straws for drink cartons and tetra pak containers, and pointed drinking straws, all available in different sizes and colours.

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