The plastic ban is not only a big topic in the drinking straw sector but also at disposable table wear, this is why also there alternatives are sourced.
Molded cups are 100% recyclable made out of fresh cellulose wood fiber. Molded pulp is formed with dry-in-mold process and heating. The cups have an excellent shelf-life if stored correctly (dry, clean, protected from light) and are compostable and biodegradable. They can also be used for hot beverages until 70°C.


200 ml (8 oz) opening diameter 80 mm tolerance +/- 2 mm weight: 10 g
300 ml (12 oz) opening diameter 90 mm tolerance +/- 2 mm weight: 12 g

Analysis and certificates based on EU-standards.

No Fluorine Test: CT/2019/61087
Halogen: CT/2019/71094
Heat resistance: CT/2019/20694

Boxes are labelled standardized – on request labels and barcodes can be personalized.

50 cups per bag
500 cups per box

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