Compostable and biodegradable drinking straws BioPot

Serve a drink with a compostable and biodegradable drinking straw is a small gesture, but a big step into the right direction. The drinking straws BioPot from Alpiplast are made of a compostable and completely biodegradable bio-polymer.
These special type of drinking straws is 69% biological and industrially compostable – if you choose them for your own business it is a step closer to the environment and to plastic reduction. This decision is also the right start to help reduce waste.

The drinking straws BioPot from Alpiplast have following properties:

  • material: 69% bio-based (50% PLA, 19% sugar cane, glucose, etc.), 31% minerals (calcium phosphate and magnesium sulfate)
  • properties: heat resistant until 30°C;
  • certificate raw material: compost-industrial;
  • color: white, black, pastel single color, pastel multicolor.

Personalized drinking straws BioPot

Personalization of drinking straws can help to bring the proper activity and products to the market. Also during event organization company names and logos remain more in mind by using personalized drinking straws – and all of this in an eco-friendly way.
Alpiplast produces personalized drinking straws BioPot in colors and dimensions of your choice. All products are functional and guarantee a pleasant drinking sensation.

Alpiplast: Innovation and respect for the environment

Compostable and biodegradable drinking straws from Alpiplast are the fruits of a detailed research from selected products. Our goal is to offer functional products to restaurants, fast-food-chains and bars, in order to serve drinks in the best way and stretch their flavors to a maximum.
Our sales managers are available to support you requesting quotations and consulting in different topics.