Flexible straws

Alpiplast specialises in the production and sale of plastic drinking straws, both straight and flexible, designed mainly for the world of gastronomy, restaurant and fast food chains, cocktail bars and points of sale in the food sector.

Alpiplast flexible drinking straws are practical to use, versatile and aesthetically pleasing: they are made with great attention to detail and an innovative and functional design, in line with the needs of Italian and international brands.

During its many decades of experience, Alpiplast has collaborated with many renowned Italian, European and international brands, producing high-quality plastic drinking straws for the food industry and restaurants, available in a wide range of models, sizes, lengths and colours: drinking straws for drink cartons, U-drinking straws, pointed drinking straws, completely customisable.

Flexible drinking straws are particularly suitable to serve hot and cold alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks: they are used to drink fruit juices, iced tea and coffee, smoothies, fizzy drinks and other beverages. Alpiplast products are free from materials that harm human health and the environment, they are renowned both in Italy and abroad and are manufactured in next generation state of the art production plants. The flexible drinking straws produced by Alpiplast are available in packages of different sizes, both individually wrapped and loose: 10 bags with 1000 pieces each and 30 bags with 200 pieces each; other package sizes can be agreed based on the customer’s needs. Alpiplast staff offers customers assistance to choose and order products and manages all stages of the production with great professionalism: to receive further information on the cost and characteristics of drinking straws for the gastronomy sector, we suggest contacting Alpiplast’s specialised staff for free support.

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